Amman international fashion expo "Extile", Is the first exhibition
of its kind which is specialized in fashion and textile industries.

Duty Hours

From 10 am till 2 pm Break from 2 pm till 4 pm From 4 pm till 9 pm

Marketing & Advertisement Campaign

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Airport Street-Amman International Motor Show

About Amman International Fashion Expo

The concept of this exhibition is to gather all fashion and textile industries
locally and globally in one place to provide its visitors the ease to explore
the latest and the most trending fashion and textile updates and to give its’ participants and attendees the chance to spread their products.

On the sideline of the exhibition fashion and textile traders and business
men will be gathered to exchange experiences and products along with
bounding their relations.

Targeting Industries

Casual , Formal, Dresses, Tuxedo & Suits
Shoes & Footwear

Objectives of the exhibition

B2B relationship between companies
products displaying for the companies
Giving the chance for business men to gather and to bound
Enhancing the relationship between local and
international business men

Pulse Media

Pulse Media for Organizing and planning events and conferenc
is located in Amman The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Pulse Media have organized many exhibitions in the past
which were a hit in the market of,exhibitions along with many
planned exhibitions that will be executed in the year of 2018.
The present exhibitions include many sectors.

Jordan Economic Importance

Jordan has a sound and resilient economy which gives it the capability of
adapting to local and regional shocks and to achieve growth at stable and
sustainable rates.
Despite the fact that the global economy is engaged in a struggle with three
economic and fanancial crises not seen in terms of economic growth rates
especially for emerging and developing economies and deterioration of the
indicators of fanancial strength in international credit markets.
However, the national economy continues to perform strongly in many of its
Fanancial and sectoral indicators, including economic growth.
Jordan is also a member of the World Trade Organization and an important
regional centre and one of the most desirable in investment locations in
the region.

Aims of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce

Contribute in the effort of trade and service development and reinforce
them, including the small and medium enterprises.
Enhancing cooperation between chambers of commerce on the one hand
and between Arab chambers of commerce and their unions and foreign
chambers on the other Hand .
Supporting and coordinating the capabilities of national chambers of commerce.
Participate with the concerned authorities in organizing and holding trade
and economic conferences at the local, Arab and international levels.
Implement, publish and update studies and researches related to trade
and services.

Geographic location of Jordan

Jordan is located to the south of the Syrian Arab Republic, to the east of
the State of Palestine to the north of Saudi Arabia and to the west of the
Republic of Iraq. This makes it an important link between three developing

Exhibition events

  • Opening event for the exhibition with the attendance of
    important figures.
  • Live coverage from Radio Rotana during the days of the exhibition.
  • On the sidelines of the exhibition, the exhibition will be attended
    by businessmen and traders.
  • Full media coverage.
  • Dinner for all participants.